Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Family Scouts Camping Crew



This is my wonderful friend and fellow homeschooling mom, Jess.  She has been a girl scout leader and she had a wonderful idea to start a family scouting group. 



On our first scouting the kids got together to talk about fire safety.  Jess had them make their own food fire, and then of course they got to eat it :)




They enjoyed hanging out around the fire, catching lightening bugs, and making smores.


They also really had a great time camping too!



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  1. Hi Kattie, Thank you so much for your comment and telling me about your blog. I am new to bloging and new to MFW. It's so wonderful getting to know other families that use MFW. I hope i can get this bloging thing down hahaha! Talk about a fish out of water feeling! LOL
    God bless you :)


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