Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dinosaur Study


As an extension of us reading about dinosaurs and how they fit into creation, I decided to have some dino-fun with the kids. 

Monica posted last week on the start of the study, pre-baby….and here is the remainder… :0)


Each kid picked a dinosaur to study and had to use the library computer to find books and check them out.   I placed a little plastic dino toy in a balloon, blew it up, and they paper mached them.  These are their dino eggs, which they loved painting.













The dinosaur eggs were hidden in the yard so the kids could go on a dino-egg hunt!






Then they got to hatch their eggs.













Then we made some fossils to hide in the sandbox for them to excavate. 








They also had to complete a report on their dinosaur.  Big Ladybug chose the Apatosaurus and here are a couple of her report pages. 

These were printed from The Crafty Classroom. 



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Saturday, September 15, 2012

MFW Highlights: Notebooking


We are using My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks this year.  I'm not much into using index cards, I just picture them getting set down everywhere and getting lost.  So for our Greek roots vocabulary we doing it a little different.  


I picked up some simple spiral bound white story notebooks from Miller Pads and Paper at our local homschool convention.  Big Ladybug covers the front with some scrapbooking paper and brads to pretty it up. 











Then on the inside she gets to illustrate the word and write the meaning.  This may not work for all kids, but she loves to draw so she enjoys this. 

We used this for our geography vocabulary for ECC last year and are also using this for our Bible History Notebook this year.












They have worked great so far and everything is stored in one spot, which makes my life easier. 

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Our Learning Area

This year we have been blessed with a separate schooling space!  Everyone has their own desk area, instead of the kitchen table.  Don’t get me wrong, we have many wonderful memories schooling around our table, and we still do at times, but it’s nice they all have their own space when needed too :)


Here is Big Ladybug’s desk…….$15 yard sale find! We use the red hanging pockets on the left as her workboxes.  I purchased them off


This is little ladybug’s desk that Big Ladybug out grew.



And this is Little Lizard’s area.  I added a letter apple tree for the preschoolers.  I purchased it for $12 from Creative Teaching Press.


I laminated the apples and made the yellow circles and the letters in them with my Cricut.  I attached them to the apples with Velcro, so we could change them in the future as needed.  Every letter Little Ladybug learns gets added to the tree.

I have a desk in the school area too…..but bypassed taking a picture because it was a mess :)

So Many Blessings!

I have always believed that God has a plan for each of us and that life works in His timing, not ours……but sometimes it is easier said than done to remember.  This summer was one of those times that I relearned how true this really is, and just how BIG God is.  

God blessed us with the sale of our home and with the purchase of a new home.  This was not just any home… was a home with all the specifications my husband and I wished for……ranch, large back yard, walk-out basement, near my sister and dad, etc.  It was a home that wasn’t even on the market and required A LOT of things to fall into place for it to be even a possibility for our family….but with GOD all things are possible!

God not only blessed us with being near my family…..but right next door to my sister!  Now we get to school our kids together, share meals, bug each other daily, etc.  This has been such a wonderful blessing.  The kids LOVE each other so much and have enjoyed learning together!



God also blessed us with a beautiful new little girl!  She surprised us with arriving a little bit earlier than expected, but we will keep her!  I also praise God that I been blessed with a speedy recovery after my fourth c-section! 

new baby



Another blessing has been our co-op.  It has grown to add two more families this year!  We are looking forward to learning and growing together!

I pray that you all have a blessed school year!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Father’s World, Homeschool Highlight Guidelines: 2012-2013




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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

MFW ECC: Weeks 31-34 Australia and Antarctica


Well I couldn’t start blogging this years school fun without finishing my final post from last year! 


Big Ladybug made the cover page to the 12x12 lap-n-scrap book she worked on all year.





  • Marsupial study





  • Arctic animal study





  • Snowflake Art

Painted snowflakes with watercolors and shook salt on the wet paint.



















This concludes our year of Exploring Countries and Cultures, which we enjoyed very much!