Thursday, August 11, 2011

Lapbook Storage: Lap-n-Scrap

This year I have many lapbooks planned for Big Ladybug as we travel the world exploring countries and cultures.  We plan to lapbook biomes, animals, some FIAR that coincide with the countries as we go, etc.


Storage space is very limited in my home.  Our home was built in 1925, and back then they obviously didn’t have as much crap personal belongings as we do today………we have VERY limited closet space.

So how was I going to store these beautiful works that my daughter is going to make???

I researched many other wonderful ideas out there in the blogging world…..binders with page protectors, using sketch books to put the pieces in, and even adding duct tape the edge of the lapbook folder, punching 3 holes in it, and putting it in a binder.

So what did I decide??

We are going to scrapbook our lapbooks. 

Before God blessed me with 3 wonderful children, I was an avid scrapbooker. But as my duties of motherhood have grown and my personal “me” time has dwindled, I have put my scrapbooks away and plan to get to them some time in the future.  By no means was I a marvelous scrapbooker, or did I get all fancy, but I really enjoyed it.

So instead of letting all of my supplies continue to collect dust, we will scrapbook our lapbooks.  Big Ladybug was thrilled with this idea!  She enjoys looking at her scrapbooks and has always wanted to help me, and learn how to.  So I figured this was a great opportunity to teach her, plus the 12x12 book is a wonderful size to fit it all on.

Here are a couple she has done so far this school year.  You can’t beat having fun while you are learning!






Printing Tip:  To help to fit everything we want to on 2 pages, on larger items I sometimes change the print page scaling to “print multiple pages per sheet”.  This way they are smaller and we can fit more in our book. :0)


  1. Wow what a great idea.. I'm going to have to steal it!

  2. What a great idea!!!! I think I will go dust off my scrapbooking stuff too!! :-)

  3. I love the scrapbooking layout style of your lapbooks. They are beautiful and jam-packed with learning.


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