Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Homeschool Highlights in MFW: 2011-2012 Info and Guidelines

Last year Kathi at A Heart Like Water had a brilliant idea to host Homeschool Highlights in My Father’s World.  But due to her busy schedule this year she has decided to step back, so myself and Monica at Discover Their Gifts will now host it together.  Thank you so much Kathi for launching the MFW Highlights!

Check out the new spiffy button that Amber at Refined Metals Academy created for us!!!  Thanks Amber, you rock!!!



So What is Homeschool Highlights in My Father's World?? 

Its a weekly link-up hosted alternately by myself and by Monica @ Discover Their Gifts, for families using the My Father's World homeschool curriculum.

It's a way for us to connect and share with other MFW families.

What are the guidelines??

. Only family-friendly posts, from family-friendly blogs :)

. This link-up was created for inspiration and encouragement …... so try to visit a few of the other links, and leave at least one thoughtful, encouraging comment.  If you come across someone's simply amazing idea, please come back here and share it with the rest of us in the comments, so we can all be sure to be inspired!

. If, for some reason, you're not able to pull a great post together, may we suggest you at least share something...one tidbit about your week...one picture. Please don't feel like just because you had an 'off' week, you can't participate...seeing that other families actually have 'off' weeks too, may be the most inspirational post from the entire link-up!

. Sign up on the Linky. We've gotten the most emails/comments on this one. We realize a lot of homeschool moms have just started blogging, so here are our simple instructions for linking-up:
1. right click on the title of your post, copy shortcut
2. click on 'enter link' at Discover Their Gifts or 2 ladybugs and a lizard
3. paste shortcut in link, add your name, leave your email
If you don't understand, or if we run into any problems, we'll try to work them out...feel free to email one of us, and we can try to walk you through it.

. Please link back to the current Homeschool Highlights in MFW post here at 2 ladybugs and a lizard or at Discover Their Gifts, somewhere in the body of your post so that other MFW readers will know where to go to join in the fun.
We usually put this at the end of our posts like this:
" this post is linked to Homeschool Highlights in MFW at Discover Their Gifts or 2 ladybugs and a lizard "

. You can also add the new graphic (
at the top of the page and in our sidebars) to your post and in your sidebar if you'd like.

We are excited for the new school year and to get the weekly posts back up and running!!!  We are also in the process of contacting each family that is signed up on Lainie's 2011 - 2012 My Father's World Blogroll
.  Still, please help spread the word in case there are any other MFW families out there that would like to participate.

Where and When Does it Start??

The first link up starts August 26th here at 2 ladybugs and a lizard!

I am looking forward to seeing and being inspired by what everyone is doing in their own little homeschools.   May you all have a wonderful and blessed school year!!


  1. Yay!! I'm so excited that you are also hosting! I look forward to linking up.

  2. Excellent. I'm just so excited! It's going to be a really fun year!


  3. This sounds like fun! Can't wait to join in.

  4. Love the new button Amber! Thanks so much! Kathi and Kattie you both ROCK... gonna have a great year!

  5. I'm totally going to plan on doing this!!!

    homegrown & beeyoutiful

  6. I would love to join in...thank you for the invitation! I have no idea how to do the link up, but I will follow your directions and see what happens.


  7. I didn't get an email, but I saw your link from A Little House! I am going to use MFW Kindergarten with my third child, my son, this fall. I would like to join in! I am nervous about having all of his work and the two big girls (2nd and 5th) in their Ambleside Online work -- look forward to support via blog link-ups!

  8. thnaks for the note :) am happy to join you on the 25th! tina over at september

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be sure to come back and link up!

  10. Thanks for the note! I wanted to link up last year and never did. I'm going for it this year as I really want to blog more of our school this time!

  11. I posted this on the FB MFW group:)

  12. I have posted my first week on my blog...be sure to check it out! I'll have more after I post more from our wonderful experience at the end of week 1 in CTG - our Sabbath dinner!
    Thanks for offering this chance for us to see what all is happening with other MFW users! I really enjoyed seeing your 1st week in ECC!

  13. I would love to participate. I have read and re-read your instructions and I just don't understand what I am supposed to do. Sorry!

  14. We finished the first week, yea! It was a blast. I am so looking forward to this year. http://theischysfishys.blogspot.com/2011/09/mfw-highlights-wk1-creation-to-greeks.html

  15. Just purchased this for my Kindle as a read-aloud.

    The Natural History Story Book (Yesterday's Classics)
    This is our 1st year with MFW and we're loving it!!!

  16. Hi there! I've just read through your instructions a few times and I don't see an "enter link". Where am I going wrong? Help!


  17. I finally got week 5 posted for 9/19 - 9/23/11...I've been pretty busy and I'm not so great at getting lots of pictures - but we are really enjoying our study of Egypt in Creation to the Greeks right now! Check out my recent post:

    Moments from MFW...Study of Egypt 9/19-9/23/11

    If this doesn't link correctly you can find my site at: http://texashomeschooler.blogspot.com

    I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful photos of week 4 in ECC! Do you want my recent links at as a comment to your most recent posts or to the original posting for the MFW Highlights?


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