Monday, August 29, 2011

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World

As we travel the world Exploring Countries and Cultures, we are going to try to fit in some Five In A Row along the way.



We laid the world map out as we read the book and added the story disks I printed from All Of A Kind Family.









She painted the town with watercolors.






She really enjoys working on the lapbooks. I got most of our ideas from Homeschool Share.

















Everyone helped bake the apple pie, and invited Daddy to eat it with them :0) 











(I also printed this from All of A Kind Family.)

We also discussed the book and the use of humor the author added through it. 

You can check out the apple study we did last fall here.

Big Ladybug’s favorite part….making the apple pie, and of course eating it!

Friday, August 26, 2011

MFW ECC Highlights: Week 1 Intro to the World


  We have successfully completed our first week Exploring Countries and Cultures, and it we enjoyed ourselves!

Here are some of our highlights.





We prayed for our neighbor Miss. Linda and the kids served her by helping her weed her flower beds.







She made her John 3:16 poster. 

john 3-16



Big Ladybug looked a the difference between a map and a globe.  We drew the continents on an orange and tried to lay it flat.








She really likes the Beginning Geography book. 


beg geo









  • She was introduced to the 7 continents and 4 oceans.
  • She looked at the compass rose and a map key.



She also began her geography vocabulary notebook.  (She thought this was fun!)


vocab geo









Some other reading we did in addition to Maps and Globes.









What is a Niche?  What role does the animal or plant play in its environment?

Big Ladybug chose to look at…………slugs…….eewww!!

She made a slug niche and we learned all about the slimy critters!


The slug hunters!


 And this one not only hunts them, but she loves them. “Oh…he soooo cute mommy!!” Bet you didn’t know a slug likes to get his belly scratched :0)







So we set them up in a tupperware habitat, with some added worms and pill bugs……..couldn’t let the slugs get lonely.  She added some dirt, rocks, leaves, grass, and sprayed it all with water to wet it down.  She added sliced tomatoes for them to eat, which was pretty neat to watch.

















She enjoyed doing her slug report and presenting it to her co-op class.  But, it didn’t take very long for them to get stinky, so no pet slugs for us!












The kids enjoyed reading A Slug’s Life.




Animal Study: Pigs

Big Ladybug got to choose a farm animal to study this week, and she chose a pig to lapbook.  We got our resources from Homeschool Share.









ECC Co-op Class

The kids went on a nature walk and dug in the back yard to complete the backyard habitat worksheet.












And they made their world cake.



Well most of the kids did………..other’s just ate the left over icing :0)











Did you know???

Slugs lay eggs on the surface of the soil, under leaves. The eggs can survive for several years, until the conditions are right for them to hatch.


Thank you to Kathi at A Heart Like Water for launching the MFW Highlights, but due to her busy year, it will now be hosted by myself and Monica at Discover Their Gifts. We will alternate hosting every other week. You can join in on the fun by either linking up, or just stopping by to encourage one another.  The purpose is to share and to be inspired.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Lovely Students 2011-2012





Big Ladybug, 7

Second Grade






Little Ladybug, 3






Little Lizard, 20 months

Tot School




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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Our School Table

So I was looking forward to being a part of the Not Back to School Blog Hop this year.  However, I am running about 2 weeks a bit behind :0)

Not Back to School Blog Hop


The majority of our schooling happens…..

… at the kitchen table.


This is the computer stand, in the kitchen, by the beloved table……where the schooling happens.

It stores the art supplies, school books, printer paper, printer, and junk that I need a quick place to hide from company …….so pretty much everything.


We don’t have much wall space, so this year the morning board was replaced with a map of the world……we are exploring countries this year.  Below the map is Big Ladybug’s schedule, weekly Bible verse, and books of the Bible she is memorizing.


This is our version of workboxes, it is new to our school this year and so far I love it! 

Educational Insights the Space Place Classroom Organization Center

Each slot holds a different subject.  Every Monday I fill it all the work we need to do for the week.  This way I don’t have to waste time fumbling through books and searching for papers.  (I just hope those little hooks hold up all year :0)


So this is the heart of our little house…….

……where we learn together, eat together, play together, pray together, and love together. 

Now if I could just keep it this clean……


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