Friday, August 26, 2011

MFW ECC Highlights: Week 1 Intro to the World


  We have successfully completed our first week Exploring Countries and Cultures, and it we enjoyed ourselves!

Here are some of our highlights.





We prayed for our neighbor Miss. Linda and the kids served her by helping her weed her flower beds.







She made her John 3:16 poster. 

john 3-16



Big Ladybug looked a the difference between a map and a globe.  We drew the continents on an orange and tried to lay it flat.








She really likes the Beginning Geography book. 


beg geo









  • She was introduced to the 7 continents and 4 oceans.
  • She looked at the compass rose and a map key.



She also began her geography vocabulary notebook.  (She thought this was fun!)


vocab geo









Some other reading we did in addition to Maps and Globes.









What is a Niche?  What role does the animal or plant play in its environment?

Big Ladybug chose to look at…………slugs…….eewww!!

She made a slug niche and we learned all about the slimy critters!


The slug hunters!


 And this one not only hunts them, but she loves them. “Oh…he soooo cute mommy!!” Bet you didn’t know a slug likes to get his belly scratched :0)







So we set them up in a tupperware habitat, with some added worms and pill bugs……..couldn’t let the slugs get lonely.  She added some dirt, rocks, leaves, grass, and sprayed it all with water to wet it down.  She added sliced tomatoes for them to eat, which was pretty neat to watch.

















She enjoyed doing her slug report and presenting it to her co-op class.  But, it didn’t take very long for them to get stinky, so no pet slugs for us!












The kids enjoyed reading A Slug’s Life.




Animal Study: Pigs

Big Ladybug got to choose a farm animal to study this week, and she chose a pig to lapbook.  We got our resources from Homeschool Share.









ECC Co-op Class

The kids went on a nature walk and dug in the back yard to complete the backyard habitat worksheet.












And they made their world cake.



Well most of the kids did………..other’s just ate the left over icing :0)











Did you know???

Slugs lay eggs on the surface of the soil, under leaves. The eggs can survive for several years, until the conditions are right for them to hatch.


Thank you to Kathi at A Heart Like Water for launching the MFW Highlights, but due to her busy year, it will now be hosted by myself and Monica at Discover Their Gifts. We will alternate hosting every other week. You can join in on the fun by either linking up, or just stopping by to encourage one another.  The purpose is to share and to be inspired.

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  1. Thanks for hosting Kattie! Nice slugs bebe!

  2. The geography notebook looks great! Thanks for sharing your week!

  3. Thanks for hosting! Your week looks just awesome!
    {I can't get the link to work on the it just me?}

  4. Looks like such a fun week! I love the John 3:16 poster and cake of the world. Thanks for hosting!

  5. I love the looks of ECC! It looks like a lot of fun and you are only just starting! :)

    I just posted my week 2 post, and so if you would like to delete my week 1, you can...suppose I should have waited until I got the week 2 post up before I linked up!

    Also, just another bloggy question. Everytime I try to leave a comment, I can't seem to do it with my google acct! I type a comment, click Google acct, and it tells me I don't have access to view that page?! If you know why, I would love to know! Someday I will get the hang of this blogging deal!

  6. Thanks for sharing! We are really enjoying our travels with ECC, too! I love your scrapbooking type of notebook pages :)

  7. That cake is awesome! And I did NOT know that about slugs. *lol* :) I tied our highlights in with the day in the life, except I did a week in our life ~ our first week back at school in photos. We are using RtR and WHL. (Forgot to mention that above). Thanks for hosting! :)

  8. this is great! makes me happy for ecc next summer :) the cake looks great! thanks so for hosting this link up, all the great posts really encourage me about mfw! i am taking notes!!

  9. Kattie ... I've been really wanting to talk with you about how you like ECC with your second grader. What are your plans next year? Will you continue to CTG or go back to Adv? You are welcome to email me, too ... wintrylove at ymail dot com. Talk soon! Love all you are doing!!! Erin


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