Monday, December 20, 2010

MFW 1st Grade- Week #15

We had another good week.  Big Ladybug is almost finished with her Learning to Read workbooks and All About Spelling Level 1!   She told me should would like to finish them by Christmas.  I was very proud of her for initiating this goal on her own!

Bible:  Every work of God is flawless; He is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.   ~Proverbs 30:5

She is enjoying the Bible reader and not having any problems reading it on her own.  She read A Wife for Isaac and Jacob Leaves Home this week.




This is Abraham’s servant in  search for a wife for Isaac.  God led him to a well where he met Rebekah.  She was kind and offered water to the servant and his camels, so she was chosen to become Isaac’s wife.





The girls really liked making salt dough and water jugs.

DSC02098  DSC02106 DSC02105






This is her picture of Jacob, sleeping on a rock, and dreaming.  His dream was of a ladder to heaven, and of God telling him that he would give his family land and they would be blessed.





We made some lentil stew for our Bible activity.  This has been an important food in the Bible lands for centuries.  The girls said they like it, but didn’t eat very much :) Little Lizard loved it !!!

                   DSC02379 DSC02381 DSC02384                 DSC02388 DSC02400 


Science:  Well this is our last week using Things Outdoors.  Big Ladybug learned about measurement this week.  She had been using a ruler in math already, so we brought out Daddy’s tape measure.  She had fun going around the house measuring different things. 


We also reviewed how to use the measuring cups and spoons when we made our lentil stew. 

Did you know??? 

A pound of feathers weighs more than a pound of gold. Precious metals like gold are weighed using troy weights, in which a pound consists of 12 ounces (5,760 grains). Objects such as feathers are weighed using avoirdupois weights, in which a pound consists of 16 ounces or 7,000 grains.

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