Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Ladybug’s Birthday

DSC02693Well Big Ladybug is now 7 years old!!!  It is hard to believe, time sure does fly by!  The cake is always the focus of the big day, so she gets to pick the kind of cake that she wants.  She has always loved dogs, acting like a dog, and playing with her stuffed dogs, so I was not surprise when this was the theme she chose.  We were browsing the internet for dog cake ideas and we stumbled upon this. She ran around the house so excited she found the perfect birthday cake, which was also in her new favorite color, blue!

(In this pic she is sporting her new fancy dress and sparkly tennis shoes, so why take off your bowling socks first?)

I have dabbled into cakes a little, only on the kid’s birthdays I might add, so I am by no means a great cake maker.  I have only used fondant once or twice and it takes me FOREVER to make my cakes.

So as her birthday approached, our family was recovering from respiratory infections so our lives were “out of sorts.” Little Lizard had just started meds for his double ear infections, and he was very mommy-fied, I couldn’t do anything without holding him.  The plans for the cake were turning into ordering one from the local grocery store, until I thought to call Aunt Geri to come and save me.

Aunt Geri is AWESOME at making cakes!  Not to mention, she is crazy and thinks it is fun!  She was happy (or at least seemed to be :) to come and save the day.  She also has a bunch of great handy cake making tools to make it a little easier.


So I had everything baked and ready to go, and she went to work.  I learned so much from her, not sure I could reproduce it, but learned a lot! 

We put all the kids to work, Big Ladybug, my nephew, and even a couple neighbor kids that stopped by, coloring the fondant.

DSC02604DSC02613 DSC02609 

I drew some dog stencils and we cut them out of the fondant.  Geri made some buttons and the number 7 and whaalaa! …. 6 hours later, we had a completed cake and cupcakes.  It took a long time, but we all enjoyed ourselves.  It turned out pretty good too!

        DSC02619 DSC02617


Big Ladybug LOVED it!

We invited our family and friends to join the birthday celebration at the roller rink.  We had a great time!  It was fun to see everyone out there skating, or at least trying to!  Here are some photos of the party.


The birthday girl!


Little Ladybug LOVED roller skating!


Hubby, me, and our Little Lizard.


My sisters and I.


My brother and his great kids.






Thank you Aunt Monica and Aunt Geri for all of your help!!

Thanks Aunt Nicole for taking tons of pictures for me!

Thanks to everyone else for coming to support Big Ladybug!

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