Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter Wednesday: Insect Study

Well Big Ladybug has always LOVED bugs, bugs, and more bugs!  So when we had wonderful warmer temperatures last week, she was more than happy to go on a bug hunt.

Little Ladybug was taking a nap, so just Little Lizard helped us on our hunt.





Big Ladybug overturned rocks, plant pots, and anything else that a bug might be hiding under. 




It didn’t take long for her to find what she was looking for.














We then read up on what bugs do to try to survive the winter.  We also read on to learn more about the bugs, like do they hear, and do they sleep?  We both found it pretty interesting.

winter weds insect page

Bugs and Bugsicles


We also read a great book (thanks to my sister suggesting it) that went nicely with this study. 




Yet again we have really enjoyed another Winter Wednesday Challenge! Check out other winter bug hunting fun at Handbook of Nature Study.


  1. What a successful bug hunt! I love that your daughter knew where to look for some things to observe up close. Great job on the notebook page and I can tell she picked up some good information to remember.

    Thank you so much for your encouraging attitude and your link to the OHC.

  2. Nice work baby and big sister! Nice photos mama

  3. How exciting! We went out today for the One Square Study and didn't find a single insect. You've taken some great photos and oh my word, your children are beautiful.

    You are instilling in them a love for nature:)

  4. Wow, you found a lot! I love the journal page.

  5. we could not find any insects in our study either. Great job!


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