Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: So I’m Going to Miss This? Huh??

Well my husband wasn’t home this particular evening so I was wrangling our lovely children solo.  I was in the middle of feeding them dinner, which entailed some mashed potatoes and applesauce, when I received a phone call that I had been waiting for.  (Of course it would happen during dinner!)

So in the matter of less than 5 minutes……everything went awry.

Copy of DSC01993

My lovely Little Ladybug smeared mashed potatoes everywhere!


And here she is being her usual rotten self…I asked her to smile for the camera :)

She was not acting alone, it’s like they feed off each other.


He had mashed potatoes all through his hair, hands, and body.  He then decided that he was going to wiggle himself out of his lap belt and out of his highchair.


(I absolutely LOVE his CHUB!)


After that whole 5 minutes was up,  I left everything out and took the messy babies upstairs for a bath.


Copy of DSC02019


When I am caught up in chaotic moments like this, I say to myself……”so someday I’m gonna miss this?  Huh??”

Deep down though I know I will.  They are messy, demanding, loud, and impulsive…..but at the same time, they are so little, sweet, precious, and forgiving.  I know they grow up so fast, so I am trying to savor even these crazy moments. 

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