Friday, April 15, 2011

Time 4 Learning Review

We recently finished our 30 day trial period of Time 4 Learning.  We had used Time 4 Learning in the past, with Big Ladybug for preschool, and enjoyed it.  We were excited to get to try it out again at the second grade level.

What is Time 4 Learning?

It is an online Preschool - 8th grade curriculum that can be used as a supplement to your current curriculum or even as your entire curriculum for language arts, math, science and social studies.

The curriculum is customized to every child's particular level and need.

Time 4 Learning uses:

  • animated lessons
  • interactive activities
  • unit assessments
  • printable worksheets for reinforcement

Math Activities


Parents Can:

  1. Access lesson plans and a scope and sequence at any time.
  2. Log in to see how their children are doing in each area they are using. 
  3. Print automated progress reports for record keeping or portfolios.


Lesson PlansLesson Plans

Progress ReportsProgress Reports


My Thoughts

It is nice that it is so interactive, which makes learning fun.  Big Ladybug really likes it!!  In fact, she had enjoyed it so much that we have decided to continue with it for now and possibly through the summer.  She really likes that she does 15 minutes of lessons and then she gets 15 minutes on the playground to play games. 


Help For Struggling Readers Available

I have a niece that would enjoy Time 4 Learning, but is a struggling reader.  I was curious if there was a way for her to use the program without parental assistance all the time. 

I contacted Time 4 Learning to see what they had available for students that may have difficulty taking the quizzes on their own.  They sent me a email with a link to download Natural Readers.  Natural Readers is an alternate text-to-speech recognition program.  Any text that can be highlighted, will be converted to speech, and read out loud to the student.  It is an program that is independent of Time 4 Learning, but seems to work very well with it.

More Info 

Time 4 Learning offers a free 14 day trial of the site, lesson demos, and scope and sequence of their lesson plans.  There is also a parents forum for additional support.  Check out the site map for more info and links to navigate around their site.

If you'd like to take a video tour and see a demo,click here.


  • $19.95 a month for the first child
  • $14.95 for each additional child
  • a 14 day money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time

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