Saturday, September 18, 2010

Irresistible Ice!!

This was a day moment in one beautiful day when my kids were getting along very well.  There was still the occasional arguing over who was going to get what cup or kitchen utensil, but overall they played very well. 

And they played with what, you ask?? seemed to captivate them all and put them in a trance.  They all played together in the same spot without fighting for almost ONE WHOLE HOUR!!!  You may not think that is very long, but if you have a know that is FOREVER!!

Here are my lovely children making ice soup.  It was very yummy, too!   When the ice began to melt my little ladybug took care of that by drinking it, or spilling it on her siblings! Which they loved of course!

big ladybug leading the crew

little ladybug making her soup
my little lizard taste testing


  1. Looks at the concentration from the Little Ladybug... you wouldn't know she's so rotten!

  2. Hi Kate -
    I just awarded you the Lovely Blog Award

    Congrats! Monica

  3. What a precious little family! ♥


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