Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where and What We Are Learning

Our schooling mainly happens at the kitchen table.  I would love to have a room dedicated just to schooling, but for now, the kitchen it is!  Big ladybug loves the morning board I put together.  Here she is able to post the color and shape of the day, weather for the day, review her calendar, post what day of the week it is, write the date, write the time, review her memory verse, and the books of the bible she is learning.  She also has a coin cup that she adds a penny to every day of school, and is responsible for exchanging the coins as needed.  She thinks the sparkle rainbow boarder is a nice touch!


We do not have much extra space in our home, but I found this great 4 drawer cabinet at Hobby Lobby.  We put most of our school supplies in here.  One drawer is for all the pencils, markers, scissors, etc.; another has our math manipulatives, morning board tags, etc.; the third stores the readers; and the fourth has all of the science books for the week.  The kids also love drawing on the dry erase board!


Big ladybug loves knowing what we are doing for the day, so the grid sheet schedule works great.  My sister was great and made tags for me of all of the curriculum and activities big ladybug is involved in.  They are attached with Velcro tabs so they are easily added and removed as needed.  I store all of the tags for the morning board and for the schedule in this little container.

Our version of workboxes is a binder.  Big ladybug has her own binder with her daily school activities in there.  Each subjects has its own folder and Velcro tab.

We chose My Father’s World First Grade this year.   It is a bible-based curriculum and a phonics-based reading program.  Science includes Things Outdoors, Science with Water, and Science with Plants.  Overall, I am pleased with it for bible and science, however, I am supplementing it for math and reading.  It moves pretty fast with the reading and I felt as though big ladybug needed a little more.   

Basic Package Items

We are using Horizons Math 1, Christian Light Education’s Learning to Read and Language Arts, Writing with Ease, All About Spelling, and I Can Do All Things for art.

                   Horizons Math, Grade 1, Student Workbook 2   -     <br />        By: Alpha Omega<br />    <br />Learning_to_read_lu_setLanguage_arts_1_lu_set  

                     The Complete Writer: Level One Workbook for Writing with Ease [Book]spellingbookL1.jpgI Can Do All Things, Text and Paint Cards   -     <br />        By: Berry Stebbing<br />    <br />

Overall we are enjoying most of our selections, however, I wished we would have picked something else for our math.  I am not to crazy about the Horizon’s teacher’s manual, but we are making it work.

Stay tuned for what we have learned so far.  I am new at blogging and have some catch-up to do!

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