Tuesday, September 28, 2010

MFW 1st Grade- Week #1

This is a picture of Big Ladybug’s first day of 1st grade.  She was so excited to be starting school! Here are the highlights of our first week of school.DSC01173  

Bible:  This weeks memory verse:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.  ~Proverbs 9:10

We talked about how the books of the Bible were originally written on scrolls and that they were often stored in clay jars.  When the scrolls got old you couldn’t just buy a new one, someone had to recopy it.  They had to be careful to not make any mistakes!  Big ladybug started writing her scroll sheets, which were the letters of the alphabet.  We also made some miniature clay jars (which I forgot to get a picture of).

Science:  We began our book Things Outdoors and we studied some things ‘close to the ground.’ First, we soaked some bread in honey and set it outside to attract some ants.  Then we collected about 12 and put them in our ant farm.  We did our best to make sure they were from the same colony, they don’t make friends well.  It was fun watching the ants get to work and begin to make tunnels.


Did you know???   An apple the size of a pinhead can feed an ant for 1 week.


We also made a worm jar.  We spent a lot of time hunting for some worms in our yard, but is was too hot and humid for them to be near the surface.  So we had to go buy some big night crawlers to experiment with and of course play with!  Big Ladybug filled an empty applesauce jar with alternating sand and dirt sprayed with water.  The girls added about 6 worms and then covered them with dried leaves. (Of course, they would have crammed them all in there if they could have.)  We covered the jar with a dark cloth and set it in the basement.  A couple days later we checked it and saw the tunnels that they made.  Then, we checked it again about 1 week later, and noticed that they also began to pull the leaves down into the soil.


Did you know??? Worms eat pointy leaves and not round leaves, no one really knows why.


Overall we had a great first week, give or take some unexpected, or should I say, expected 2-year-old interruptions!


  1. Love the wrap-up and the photos! Marg looks amazing....

  2. What wonderful hands-on experiences for your little learners. It's so nice to meet you.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about this! I am sure it will be a great resource for us this year as we go through first!


  4. i just finished my fathers world K, and am starting 1st now since I want to take our summer in the late fall when i'm due to expect baby #4. we currently have a 6,4,2 year old [all boys]. i'll be checking in with your blog every week. thanks for posting. if you have any huge tips off hand you want to share---i'm all ears! curious.georgi@yahoo.com thanks!


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