Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crawfish Craze!

The weather had been so hot, so when mother nature decided to give us a break we took advantage of it!  We decided to give crawfish hunting a try.  Big ladybug was sooo excited to be able to use her new net, and little ladybug as was just happy to be wearing her rain boots.  (She was already wearing her swimsuit with her pj top over it before we even decided to traipse through a creek.)


Daddy was such a trooper!  He got right in there and once they got the hang of it, they had caught a bunch!  Both girls got their little fingers pinched, but there were no tears!


Big ladybug was so excited that she found a large dead crawfish on the creek bank.  And at lunch she gave them some french fries to see if they would eat them…..they did not seem to be interested.   Little lizard and I just hung around, took pictures, and inventory of the catch.   That is until it was time to go and get some lunch.  We had a wonderful picnic.


After lunch we returned our crustacean friends to their home, and one of us decided to have a melt down.  Can you guess who?

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