Saturday, November 6, 2010

MFW 1st Grade- Week #11

We just finished another busy week.  Daddy will only be home with us one more week, then he will be back at work.  This is bittersweet for me, because we love having him home, but I think we are ready to get back to our usual routine. 

I know he is DEFINATELY ready to get back to work!  He has enjoyed his time with the kids, but is ready to forgo the poopy diapers and naptime meltdowns.  I have been spoiled by being able to run with Big Ladybug whenever we want, because we have Daddy here to care of the babies.  Now we will have to again schedule life around naps, and we will not be able to run as much. 


Bible:  Her memory verse is the same as last week, because Big Ladybug is still working on retaining it.

She added to her creation picture after reading about days 5 and 6.  She added Adam and Eve, birds, and animals.


Science:  She studied volcanoes this week.  She had a great time with this because she was able to paint and erupt one!  Daddy helped her make the volcano…and of course her 2 year old sister, too!


I went the easier route by purchasing a volcano making kit from Hobby Lobby.

DSC01774They added water to the plaster mix. DSC01781DSC01783Poured it into the volcano mould, and let it set up for a half hour.

DSC01784 DSC01787 DSC01788


After it dried for a day, Big Ladybug had a great time painting it!


She also had some extra help when it was time to erupt it!


This is all that it took.





We also got some great picture books about Volcanoes from the library, and watched another great Eyewitnss dvd. 


Did you know??? 

The word volcano originally comes from the name of the Roman god of fire, Vulcan.

Volcanic eruptions can send ash high into the air, 17 miles above the Earth’s surface.

While we certainly have some big volcanoes here on Earth, the biggest known volcano in our solar system is actually on Mars. Its name is Olympus Mons and it measures a whooping 373 miles wide and 13 miles high.


  1. Will you come over and demo your volcano for me Bebe?

  2. I love seeing your first grade posts. We're doing 1st here too but only some of it since I'm also doing ECC with my older daughter. You've inspired me to pull more from the 1st curriculum. :) Thanks for sharing so much. I love your blog.

  3. Kattie
    This looks great! Would you consider submitting this to the Hands On Homeschool Blog Carnival? I am hosting next month!


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