Friday, November 19, 2010

MFW 1st Grade- Week #12

Well this is our last week with Daddy home!  It was a beautiful week, too.  The weather was perfect to play outside and enjoy the fall season.




This month in Girl Scouts, Big Ladybug earned the Brownie badge, Art You Wear. She had a great time decorating her t-shirt with fabric markers. 




Bible:  Memory verse:  He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will reward him for what he has done.   ~Proverbs 19:17


We talked about how blessed we are and how important it is to give to others.   This week we filled our Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  We watched some videos on the Samaritan Purse website, and this seem to really touch her.  Big Ladybug was excited to pick out items to put in the boxes.  She even dumped out her piggy bank and donated $5 to the shipping cost!  We talked about how giving fills your heart with joy.  She also included these All About Me pages, found on their website, in the hopes that maybe one of the children will write her back :)


This week Big Ladybug finished the creation story.  On day 7 God rested, so we celebrated the Sabbath.  We broke bread as a family, and had a blessing.  The kids really enjoyed this….and the blueberry juice!

Big Ladybug read the story of Adam and Eve.   This is the picture she made in her Bible Notebook. 


Science:  This week she studied the Planets and Stars. We really enjoyed reading about how amazing our universe is, we both learned a lot!  We drew the solar system, watched another Eyewitness Dvd Planets, and has some freeze dried ice cream like the astronauts eat. I picked up the space food at Hobby Lobby.  The kids liked it, but I think it kind of tastes like it looks…not that good :)


I incorporated art into our science again this week.  We had a great time drawing and water coloring what we thought aliens would look like. 




Daddy drew this alien, and Big Ladybug painted it for him.






This is Big Ladybug’s beautiful picture!







This is my attempt at alien art :)




Here are some of the science books we read this week.

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Did you know???

Well I am completely speechless and amazed by how creative our creator is.  The solar system is SO amazing!  The sun, our nearest star that is millions of miles away, is a ball of continuous fire with explosions.  The 2 planets close to the sun are so hot and all of the other planets are very cold, except for us.  Earth is the living planet and it is absolutely beautiful from outer space. 

Each planet has it’s own “thing” going on. 

  • Mercury is hot, and it only takes 88 days to orbit the sun.  
  • Venus is the hottest planet, with continuous acid rain. 
  • Then there is Earth, which is amazing with an atmosphere and air, not to mention life. 
  • Mars is the red planet, full of rust and iron. 
  • Jupiter is the largest planet and has continuous storms.
  • Saturn is the second largest planet and with the most visible ring of dust and particles. 
  • Uranus is the blue-green planet.  One night there can last 40 years!
  • Neptune is Uranus’ sister planet.  It is blue and the stormiest planet. 
  • And then there is Pluto, the smallest, and no longer really considered a planet.  Some scientists think Pluto was once one of Neptune’s moons that escaped the orbit and began it’s own around the sun.

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  1. What a busy week ! Love the All About Me pages. Good job!


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