Thursday, November 11, 2010

The BOO Crew!


We have been so busy lately that I have not had time to post about all the fun stuff we have been doing!  So here are some pictures to share our October festivities!



We got together with my friend Candace to make some Halloween crafts.  (She is going to hate that I posted this picture of her! :)  The kids made a toilet paper roll Frankenstein, a Foot Print Witch, and some Ghoulish Ghosts!  We had a great time!









Little Ladybug was not really into the other crafts, but she enjoyed making her pumpkin!  However she was upset when I hung it up, she did not like parting with it! 


The girls had a great time making Peanut Butter Spiders for the Homeschool Harvest Party!

DSC01556 DSC01558


Big Ladybug dressed up like a Hula Dancer and Little Ladybug was a Ballerina!


When my little lizard wasn’t stealing his sister’s costume pieces, he was a little bat!


All the kids had a great time at the Harvest Party!  One of the dads is a kid DJ, so he got the party going with some great music and dancing!

   DSC01608DSC01621 DSC01622

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  1. Wow you are having too much fun these days! Love the photos ... especially that crazy old lady with the buggy eyes!


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