Sunday, May 8, 2011

MFW 1st Grade: Week #28

Bible:  This week we covered 4 stories in the New Testament.  Big Ladybug reads the story in her Bible reader, and then she looks it up in her Discoverer's Bible and reads it again.



Fishermen craft the girls enjoyed making. 



Healing the Man on the Mat



Jesus Calls Matthew



The 12 Apostles

(I just love how Jesus’ finger is pointing as he is picking his apostles:)020

Big Ladybug had fun making her apostles craft.



Science with Plants: Growing


Big Ladybug gets so excited to measure her plants every morning to see how much they have grown. 

Plant #1: sits on the window sill and gets water every 3 days. It’s growing nicely.

Plant #2: sits on the window sill and gets no water. It is growing VERY slowly.

Plant #3: sits in a dark cabinet and gets watered every 3 days. It is growing, but has small yellow leaves.



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  1. don't mind that i come here each week over the summer, and totally steal your bible notebook page ya?

    i can so tell you're a scrapbooker :)

    nice work on the plants...we planted a few veggies, herbs, and flowers...and have been VERY surprised to see them actually growing. i do NOT have a green thumb!

    fun, learning-filled week, as usual!

    happy mother's day!

  2. LOVE the fishing floatss!!!

  3. I love your little crafts that you made with your kids. Very fun looking! And by the way I didn't want to even click off your site because the music is so peaceful. I like it. Great job on your blog you are doing an awesome job with it.


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