Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tree Study: OHC Spring 2011

For science this week we worked on our seasonal tree study from Handbook of Nature Study.  Since the fall we have been observing the Flowering Crabapple in our front yard. 




















This is a printable notebook page from Handbook of Nature Study.

tree study

We used a page out of our Considering God's Creation book to help us observe our tree more closely.  (We are using this great book for summer science with our co-op :)

tree notebook page2

She gathered different parts of the tree to add to her notebook page.










She looked closely with a magnifying glass, felt the leaves, fruit, and bark.  She measured the trunk, and smelled the leaves and the bark.

Big Ladybug’s tree sketch.

tree sketch




We really enjoyed doing this study together.  We had some great one-on-one time while the little ones were napping :)




Are you getting out and enjoying nature? 

 We have really enjoyed all of the studies that we have participated in, thanks to Barb at Handbook of Nature Study!  She has so many good ideas and you can pick and choose what studies interest you the most :)


  1. I think apple blossoms are so pretty and your tree is a perfect tree for a spring study. Excellent job on the notebook pages! Love all your images in this entry...thank you so much for sharing your tree!

  2. oooooh Bebe..... such pretty photos and notebook pages! Love your tree too.

  3. I love the journal work, impressive.


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