Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sketch Tuesday Returns!!



Barb at Harmony Art Mom has begun Sketch Tuesday for this school year!  Big Ladybug really enjoyed participating in this last year.

What is Sketch Tuesday?

  • Free homeschool art inspiration
  • Every Tuesday Barb gives a topic for your family to explore and draw, paint, chalk, or use whatever medium you like!  There is no age limit or requirement so everyone can join…..even parents :0)
  • You also only participate when you can.  (I like how it keeps us sketching something weekly.)
  • Then you can email your sketches to her by the following Monday, and she will add it to the slideshow on her blog.  (I don’t always get around to submitting our sketches, but we always try to at least sketch it every week.)
  • Click here for details on Barb’s blog.


This week was…

something that glows.




Join us next week with……….

something made in America.

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