Sunday, October 3, 2010

MFW 1st Grade-Week #5

Well, last week Daddy had his second shoulder surgery so I decided to take it easy and not work on any MFW. We just focused on math, spelling, and reading, so this week we were ready to go! 

Bible: This weeks memory verse:

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.      ~ Proverbs 16:24

Big Ladybug and I talked about how words can really effect other people.  They can build someone up, or cut them down. 


                              (Here we are having some fun doing some math!)

Science:  This week we studied ‘rain’.   It was a great week to do it because it did rain for us a couple days.  Daddy and Big Ladybug made a rain gauge out of a milk carton. 

I also helped her make a rain stick out of a paper towel holder.  It was time consuming, but we enjoyed it. 

Did you know???  The umbrella was originally intended for shade from the hot Egyptian sun; and big, heavy raindrops can fall at speeds up to 22 miles per hour!



We are enjoying the Prairie Primer Little House in the Big Woods co-op.  If you would like to see what we have been up to there, check out my sister's blog!


  1. Cute blog Kattie! I love those pink wigs. Very creative!

  2. Too funny - pink wigs! Hey you've been Tagged for a Q&A session. Check out my blog - only if you want to play though.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am so happy to see another homeschooler with kids the same age as my little monkeys. It does make for a very interesting day doesn't it, ha ha.

    When the Lord called me to homeschool last year I knew that I was going to have Tot-School. If I didn't make intentional time with the little ones, I feared they would loose out on Mommy time. I love it! I have so much fun planning for tot-school. I know you will too.

    We are also doing 1st grade while the babies are sleeping. It is so much calmer and less stressful but I miss out on a little mommy "down time". Are you feeling the same? Let me know if you figure out something that works better :-D


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