Friday, March 25, 2011

MFW 1st Grade: Week #23

Here is a summary of what we learned this week in My Father’s World First Grade.


When King David died, his son Solomon became king, and he was a young king.  One night the Lord told him to ask for whatever he wanted and it would be given to him. 

King Solomon knew that God was always loyal to his father and his father did what God commanded.  So King Solomon asked God to make him very wise, to know right from wrong, so he would know how to rule his chosen people.

God then told him that he could have asked for riches, a long life, defeat of enemies, but instead he asked for wisdom.  God told him that he would make him the wisest man that has ever or will ever live. 

Solomon was so blessed with knowledge and understanding that people from all around would come to learn from him.

The people of Israel did not have a place to pray to or worship God.  Solomon built the beautiful temple that his father, King David, had designed.

King Solomon

The girls had a great time making some crowns. They decorated them with stickers, gems, drawings, and glitter glue.   

(I printed the template from Sunday School Kids.)


We enjoyed these books as well.

     King Solomon and the Bee014

What did we learn??

Riches and success are not the most important things.  We can ask God for wisdom and understanding.


Once the great King Solomon died Israel split into two separate countries, Israel and Judah.  The kings of Israel were not good and did not follow God’s way.


Elijah and King Ahab

King Ahab was a very bad king of Israel and led the people of Israel to do evil.

God sent the prophet Elijah to tell King Ahab that no rain would fall until he said, and then Elijah hid from the king.  God sent ravens to go and feed Elijah.

There was no rain for 3 years.  Then God told Elijah to go and talk with the king, that he would make it rain soon.  The people gathered and Elijah told them that they are worshiping and praying to Baal, and he is not God.

He told the people to build an alter and pray to their god, Baal, to start a fire for them.  They did this and nothing happened.

Elijah built an alter and had the people add water to soak the wood.  He then prayed to the Lord to start a fire on the wet wood, and the Lord did.  This showed the Israelite people that they were not worshiping the one true living God.



God sent ravens to feed Elijah, can you image that?  The girls had a great time making some lunch bag raven puppets.  I found this idea at Danielle's Place.











Little Lizard decided he wanted to paint too!  But he used his yogurt, instead! Oh well, it kept him entertained while the girls were painting.











Big Ladybug and I talked about how Elijah obeyed God, and God met Elijah’s needs.  She then wrote down what her needs were. (I made this printout, but got the idea from Danielle's Place.)



What did we learn??

That we should trust God no matter what, He will meet our needs.


Big Ladybug really likes these videos.  We watched Bugtime Adventures: You’re All Wet, The Elijah Story.




Science with Water:  Air and Water Tricks

Big Ladybug looked at how air manipulates water. 







And she made a siphon, she thought this was pretty cool!


Did you know???

Ancient Egyptians treated water by siphoning water out of the top of huge jars after allowing the muddy water from the Nile River to settle.



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And see what Big Ladybug’s Sketch Tuesday assignment was for this week here.


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  1. Good stuff over here!

    AS ALWAYS!!!
    Can you believe that the year is almost over!

    makes me sad in a way, but I was talking to my friend the other day who uses MFW and teaches 4 children ages 4-11.

    She says 2nd grade adventues is really fun too!

    I'm looking forward to it!

  2. What a fun week! We're also reading about Soloman this week in Creation to the Greeks. What a great example of living for God's kingdom rather than for ourselves.
    And I agree with above, Adventures was really fun. And ECC. And CTG. :oP I'm so glad we were brought to MFW.

  3. Hi Kattie! I'm using Adventures this year (along with your sister!), and I have had so much fun visiting your blog the past couple of weeks! Your dd's work is insanely good, both the art and the handwriting! Keep up the good work, Mom! :)


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