Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sketch Tuesday: 3 Ring Circus

Do you need to add a little art to your homeschool?

If so check out Sketch Tuesday hosted by Barb at Harmony Art Mom!  She introduces a new sketch topic every week, and you only participate when you can :)

Big Ladybug’s assignment this week: 

“something you see at the circus”“


“Circus Puppy”

Check back next week for………..

“Sparkle, Sparkle Jewelry”.


You can look at all of this weeks entries at Harmony Art Mom.


  1. OH, Ive had all good intentions of checking out sketch tuesday and well...you've convinced me that I must:)

  2. I found your blog from Amanda's. I am excited to go back and read all of your posts on MFW for first grade. I am finishing up K with my little girl and we love MFW.

    I am going to check out sketch Tuesday as well. Thanks for the link!


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