Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Cows

My friend Katy helps her family raise cows and right now their herd is having a bunch of babies.  She said so far hey have about 30 calves, and there have been 2 sets of twins!  The momma cow of each set has decided to only care for one of her babies, so they are bottle feeding the two little ones left behind. 

Katy invited the kids to come out and help her with the morning feed.  So right when we woke up this morning we jumped in the van and headed out.  The girls were very excited!

They watched Katy make some bottles and off we went.

Katy said they didn’t have names, so Big Ladybug was SOOOO excited to have the honor.  She named this little guy Bailey.  He is around 1-month-old and had no problem chugging his bottle.



Baby cow Bailey



This little guy was so cute!  He loved licking.

(Maybe that’s why they got along so well, Little Lizard loves licking everything too!)






This is baby calf, Ava.  She was born yesterday.  She was adorable, and the kids were excited to get in there and help to feed her.





baby Ava


Little Lizard really liked her, too :)






Thanks Katy for letting us come and get in your way help you feed the baby calves this morning.  We had a great time!

(Oh and I feel bad I didn’t get many pictures of Little Ladybug enjoying herself.  I was very busy chasing this little guy around!)

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