Saturday, March 19, 2011

Winter Wednesday: Mammals

On our nature walk at Grandma’s we looked for animal tracks in the mud.  Grandma said that we would have had better luck seeing some wild turkey prints with some snow on the ground. 

But we did find some deer prints.



We found some other pretty cool things to look at along the way.



We also got to observe a couple Red Tailed Hawks gliding through the air.


And Grandma’s one-horned goat, Pedro. :)


Big Ladybug drew a picture of a deer and a deer print on her notebook page.  We also read about deer and what they do in the winter to survive.

mammal study 

At her Prairie Primer co-op last week they looked at animal tracks too.

animal prints



Here are some books we read together.  We really enjoyed doing this Winter Wednesday Challenge.  You can check out other mammal studies at Handbook of Nature Study.


  1. Perfect deer prints! I loved seeing all your other finds too. Another great job on the nature journal page...looking forward to your next entry.

    Thanks for sharing with the OHC.

  2. Great prints!

    What wonderful photos and memories you have captured of your walk!

    Plus, going to grandmas is fun anyway:)


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